Better street design

Getting San Diego to adopt and use national standards for street design that better protect the most vulnerable users of our roads.

Separated lanes

Pushing the City of San Diego to build more separated lanes so people aged 8-80 feel comfortable riding our streets — whether bike, scooter, powered chair, skateboard, or whatever they roll with.

Lower road speeds

Together we advocate for lower speed limits on San Diego streets, a proven strategy for lowering injury rates and saving lives.

Finishing the network

Grassroots pressure to get long-stalled SANDAG bike lane projects back on track and completed.

Educating leaders

Speaking out in community forums and bringing more voices to the table in favor of more space for small transport like bikes and scooters

Bringing us together

Gathering the natural alliance of street users: the disabled, elderly, cyclists, scooter users, walker, the economically disenfranchised, and transit riders to create healthier and safer spaces for all of us.

We want you involved.

Your experience and your voice can become a powerful force for transforming San Diego into a city with more options for safely getting around. Get on BikeSD's mailing list to keep up with the latest.

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man biking Pacific Coast Highway

BikeSD Supports Your Journey by Bike

The number of communities benefiting from biking as transportation is growing every day but we still have a lot to do before reaching our goal of providing safe and comfortable bicycle infrastructure in San Diego neighborhoods.

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woman riding in front of factory

Inclusivity, Resilience, and Bicycles

Women, Trans, and Femmes bicyclists were reassured regarding their place in the bicycling community last week at the San Diego Regional Bike Summit. Read more on the San Diego Regional Bike Summit.

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Hancock St bike lane in San Diego, CA - year 2018

Save the Hancock Street Bike Lane

Given the photo above, you might be asking, "Save what bike lane? All I see is another poorly-maintained San Diego street." Well, the City is performing the "Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan Update" for this area.

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