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BikeSD Exec Director Judi Tentor

Judi Tentor

Judi Tentor lives in Mission Hills, grows a lot of food in her garden, and gets around by bicycle as much as possible. She has been navigating the streets of San Diego by bicycle and transit since 2008 when she sold her Honda Element. Her passion for the environment and sustainability drives her everyday actions. Riding a bicycle, she believes, is more than a fun activity, but also a tool for transportation as well as a solution to environmental, social equity and health issues that matter to her.

Judi is also a Cycling Instructor (LCI #5098) certified by the League of American Bicyclists, the oldest bicycle advocacy org in the US. She teaches beginner classes for adults learning how to ride for the first time and traffic skills classes for intermediate riders through nonprofit organizations. She is an advocate for active transportation and a feminist, hoping to inspire more women to ride bicycles for the benefit of their health, spirit, and the planet.

As a bicyclist, advocate and cycling instructor, she has been leading efforts to get more bicycle infrastructure in San Diego. She currently serves on the board of the Mission Hills Town Council. When not pedaling and sometimes while pedaling, Judi takes photographs of people riding bicycles and bicycle infrastructure around the world. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from SUNY ESF and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University, and was awarded a Comprehensive Bikeway Design Certificate from Portland State University.

John Anderson

John Anderson

John Anderson is a North Park resident and full-time father of two. He is excited about the work BikeSD is doing and wants to help make San Diego a safer and more enjoyable place to live for those on foot, bicycle, bus, car, or horse. Connect with John at, he’d love to hear your thoughts on how San Diego can do better and what we’re doing well. Cheers!

Kristin Blackson photo

Kristin Blackson

Kristin Blackson is our Secretary and an Environmental Coordinator at the County of San Diego. She has a master’s degree in environmental science from the University of San Francisco and a bachelor’s degree in environmental management from University of California, Santa Barbara. Kristin has been with the County’s Planning Department as an Environmental Coordinator since 2000. Her work involves the preparation of CEQA/NEPA documents for both private and public projects throughout the region.

BikeSD's Paul Jamason

Paul Jamason

Paul Jamason is a Programmer/Analyst at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD. He is a native of upstate New York, received a master’s degree in Physical Geography from the University of Delaware, and has lived in San Diego since 1997. Paul writes about our city’s urban neighborhoods at and sees bicycling, bike infrastructure and public transit as solutions to many of our environmental and transportation challenges. He enjoys riding his bike around Uptown, downtown and as a part of his daily commute.

BikeSD's Jeff Kucharski

Jeff Kucharski

Jeff Kucharski is our President, a biotechnology professional, and a North park resident. Originally attracted to San Diego by winter surf, Jeff found bicycle commuting as the perfect solution to rush hour traffic.   Jeff believes advocacy is important for San Diego to reach its potential as a great bicycle city. Jeff can be found enjoying San Diego with his family at the beaches and Balboa Park.

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